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Park Street Community Project (PSCP) is Complete!!

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

West facing lawn of St. Paul’s is now expanded public green space in downtown Vergennes

Vergennes area residents and visitors can now enjoy expanded public green space in downtown Vergennes. Last year, the Park Street Community Project (PSCP), a domestic non-profit based in Vergennes, was awarded a 2:1 matching grant by the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development’s Better Places program for the development of green space on the west-facing lawn of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Vergennes. The church made the property available to PSCP for public development and access. The Vergennes Partnership acted as fiscal agent. A public crowdfunding campaign, made available through the Better Places program’s partner, Patronicity, ran from August 15-Oct 15, 2022 and raised $22,265. A total of 109 patrons, including individuals, local business, and non-profits donated to the crowdfunding campaign. As a result, PSCP was awarded the Better Place’s program $40,000 matching grant. In addition, PSCP raised additional funds from community members prior to implementation of the project. The total cost for the project, including design services and administrative fees, was around $64,500.

The effort, led by the Park Street Community Committee, with support from the Vergennes Partnership, was implemented by Church Hill Landscapes of Charlotte, Vermont. Landscape architect David Burton drew up a design for the green space in

Church Hill Landscape's Design

consultation with the PSCP Committee members, based on an original concept drawing provided by St. Paul’s, as part of a multi-phase project begun by the Strategic Investment in Sacred Places (SISP) Committee many years before.

ADA compliant sidewalk completed in 2019

The first two phases involved updating elements bordering the green space. In 2019, the City of Vergennes installed a new ADA-compliant sidewalk and Panton stone wall, and in 2019, St. Paul’s restored the west-facing stained- glass windows and added protective storm windows in 2020. For the final phase, relaunched in 2022, PSCP Committee members took steps to develop the green space for public access.

With overwhelming community support and participation made possible through the state’s Better Places program, the green space is now in place. It includes beautiful gardens, stone seating

West facing stain glass windows restored in 2019-2020

an ADA-compliant walkway, granite siding, and a new, regraded lawn. Many of the original concept drawing elements for the green space were included in the final plans, as allowed by available funding. The installation took place in July 2023.

Stephen Bates historical marker with newly installed garden

This entire effort has transformed the west-facing lawn at the corner of Main Street and Park Street, adjacent to Vergennes City Park, into an attractive and

usable space that will serve the community. The property is also home to the new Stephen Bates historic marker, making it a welcome spot for residents and visitors to rest, gather, and reflect.

The Park Street Community Project (PSCP) is designed to provide additional outdoor space downtown right next to Vergennes City Park. Walkers, cyclists, shoppers, band audiences, and tourists are all welcome to enjoy the beautiful gardens and stone seating.

Click through the slide show below to see the project from start to finish!

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