Weekly Service Schedule - Join us!

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At St. Paul's Episcopal Church all are warmly welcomed. We are a faith community searching for deeper ways to understand God, our world and ourselves. We invite you to join us in this journey of faith and discovery!

Our weekly worship time is

9:30am every Sunday

at St. Paul's Church, Vergennes, VT

Link to join virtually on Zoom

• Masks Required

• Mask Breaks: Please! Take care of yourself! If you need a mask break during the service, go to the foyer or out the side door and remove your mask until you’re ready to return

• Ventilation: all doors will remain open and fans running -

Installation of the air purification system for church sanctuary is in the works and will be done soon.

• Spacing: Please honor 6 foot distance between families. There is plenty of space to spread out - the back pews can be noisy due to street traffic - Come on up front!

• Singing: Those who wish may sing as Judy leads us from the organ bench

• Live-streaming: all indoor services will be live-streamed using current Zoom link (above) - please bear with us as we continue to fine tune the system.

• Offering: offering plates will not be passed but rather placed near each of the two entrances

• Holy Eucharist: We will celebrate Holy Eucharist with bread only and distributed while standing single file in front of the altar rail.

• Fellowship Time (coffee hour): Suspended as of 8/22/21

• Extending Grace to One Another: These words are adapted from the UCC in Charlotte, Vermont, they are a beautiful invitation:

As we transition to worship in our buildings, we invite all to meet one another with grace, forgiveness and good communication. We invite us also to give one another permission to set boundaries, observe safety protocols and distance in a way that is comfortable for each. As Paul wrote in Colossians: “Be gracious in your speech. The goal is to bring out the best in others, not put them down, not cut them out.”

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