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Our Service Schedule - Join us!

At St. Paul's Episcopal Church all are warmly welcomed. We are a faith community searching for deeper ways to understand God, our world and ourselves. We invite you to join us in this journey of faith and discovery!

Our weekly worship time is

9:30am every Sunday in person

at St. Paul's Church, Vergennes, VT

Or join us virtually on Zoom using the following link:

March 26, 9:30am

The Fifth Sunday in Lent

Service of Holy Eucharist, The Rev. Bram Kranichfeld presiding

April 2, 9:30am

Palm Sunday Sunday of the Passion & Blessing of the Palms

Service of Morning Prayer

April 6, 5:30pm Maundy Thursday **Joint Service with All Saints

(1250 Spear St, South Burlington, VT)** Agape Supper followed by 7:00pm Service of Holy Eucharist

The Rev. Bram Kranichfeld presiding

April 7, 5:30pm

Good Friday Service

The Rev. Bram Kranichfeld presiding

April 8, 7:30pm

Easter Vigil Service

The Rev. Bram Kranichfeld presiding

April 9, 9:00am **SPECIAL TIME**

Easter Sunday

Service of Holy Eucharist followed by Easter Coffee Hour

The Rev. Bram Kranichfeld presiding


REMEMBER: If you do not feel well, stay home and join us via Zoom.


In response to the latest update from the Diocesan COVID-19 Response Team and how the community of St. Paul’s continue to live with respect, care and attention for the safety of self and one another, your vestry has these expectations for all those attending in-person church services or gatherings:

• Masks welcome

• An air filter system has been installed in the church proper - Additionally doors will be open as the weather allows, and ceiling fans will be used.

• Vaccinations are required for lectors, preachers, choir members, altar assistants/servers, ushers, and DHOs (Designated Health Officers). We will use the honor system. Proof of vaccination will not be required at this time.

• In consultation with your healthcare provider, everyone attending church in-person indoors, for whom a vaccine is available and possible, will be fully vaccinated and have received available boosters.

• Increased signage and bulletin announcements will state updated expectations and protocols

Physical distancing during worship can continue, please be mindful of others' space and preferences. Let us continue to be mindful and respectful with each other during this time, being aware that everyone has different comfort levels.

• Live-streaming: all indoor services will be live-streamed using current Zoom link (above)

• Offering plates will not be passed but rather placed near each of the two entrances

• Holy Eucharist: We will celebrate Holy Eucharist with bread only and distributed while standing single file in front of the altar rail. ​

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