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Guidelines for Groups Using Space at St. Paul's Church

St. Paul's Church is happy to make meeting and event space available to the community when the parish is not using the space. The Church offers a practical meeting space for group sessions. The entire Church building can provide an excellent venue for intensive all-day meetings that need breakout space.

The fees St. Paul's Episcopal Church charges help defray operating costs such as heat and electricity, and help fund the purchase and maintenance of useful meeting equipment and furniture. Please contact our rector for more information regarding specifics.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs, and will be pleased to give you a tour of the facilities.

A Green Experience

Booking space at St. Paul's means you will be entering a green community that recycles and minimizes waste in as many of its activities as possible. The Episcopal Diocese of Vermont has an active earth stewardship agenda, of which St. Paul's is a part. This stewardship extends to the use of recyclable materials, minimal use of disposable items, and energy efficiency practices.

Process for Reserving a Room

Please contact our rector at least two weeks prior to your event. 

Scheduling Conflicts

Should unexpected scheduling conflicts arise (such as a funeral), the rector will immediately be in touch with you to make necessary adjustments. St. Paul's space is typically granted on a first-come, first-served basis, and scheduling conflicts are rare.

Please Be Respectful

St. Paul's believes in open and generous hospitality, which it freely offers in exchange for guests' respect for property and general activity of the Church. 

In keeping with St. Paul's earth stewardship practices and its desire to keep the fees affordable for the community, we ask that after the event you:

  •  Turn off the lights when you leave

  •  Turn down the heat if appropriate

  •  Place all trash in trash containers

  •  Clean up any spills

  •  Abide by the Church's Alcohol Policy (please see below)

To keep the facilities open and available to the community, St. Paul's asks that you:

  • Restrict your use of the space only to what you requested and are paying for

  • Keep children accompanying you with you at all times

  • Be sure not to use any food that you have not arranged for

What You Should Also Know

Tenants will indemnify and hold St. Paul's Episcopal Church harmless for all claims arising from or in connection with the conduct or management of the premises or any business therein, or any work or thing whatsoever done, or any condition created in or about the premises during the term of the agreement; and any act, omission or negligence of the Tenant. ​

​Cancellation Policy

St. Paul's Church recognizes that circumstances change. If you need to cancel your request, please let us know as soon as you can.

Alcohol Policy

  • ​​Only wine and beer may be served in the Parish building. No hard liquor is allowed.

  • When alcohol is served at St. Paul's, we ask that you ensure that alternative non-alcoholic beverages are also offered. 

  • Vermont's social-host law holds liable persons who serve alcohol in such a way that results in alcohol-related incidents. In addition,  Vermont's drinking age is 21. [See 17V.S.A § 501(g) and (h)]

  • St. Paul's advises social hosts to be vigilant about ensuring that persons served are of legal drinking age.

  • The social-host law means that hosts of the event are subject to the common laws of negligence if they over-serve their guests.

  • A licensed bartender is required for non-parish events.

Smoking Policy

  • St. Paul's Church and its associated buildings are smoke-free.

Additional Guidelines

  • Groups with youth shall provide age-appropriate adult supervision.

  • Adults must supervise children who will be allowed to occupy the space.

  • Your group is responsible for setting up the room for your event and for cleaning and restoring it to its regular condition after you leave. If furniture is rearranged, please restore the room to its original appearance.   

  • The church will maintain an area for lost and found articles for up to 30 days.

Granting Permission

  • The rector has the sole authority to grant permission to groups for the use of the Parish space.

  • The rector may delegate this authority to a Building Committee if he or she desires.

  • St. Paul's Church is a house of worship. To use the church building (narthex, nave, sanctuary, etc.) itself requires the express permission of the rector.

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