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Stewardship Sundays: Faith-filled Generosity

Updated: Mar 13, 2021


First one to email with whereabouts will be acknowledged!

For the past two Sundays, during our weekly Zoom service at 9:30am, our stewardship committee has been reflecting on faith-filled generosity. Using the The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS) as a guide, each week we have been exploring this stewardship inquiry together.

For those who have not been able to participate in zoom, here are the questions that we’ve been discussing!

  • How does practicing your faith help you recognize all the gifts God has given you

  • How are you giving to God the things that are God’s through your time, talent and your treasure?

  • When you have a sense of living within Faith-Filled Generosity, what actions do you see emerging in your life?

  • What helps you to live, and interferes with your living a more fruitful life?

We have two more Sundays where we will be exploring some different questions. We’d love to see you on Zoom if you are able. November 1st we hear from Bo Price and November 8th we hear from Bob Laidman.

And mark your calendars for the Ingathering on November 15th which will be a special outside service, weather-permitting. You should be receiving your Stewardship letter and pledge envelope end of October. If you plan on coming on November 15th, please bring your pledge card with you. We hope to bless our stewardship pledges for St. Paul’s together!

Thank you,

The Stewardship Committee

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