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Fellowship Café Sunday: 4th Sunday in Lent Reflections & Prayers

Updated: Mar 29

If you use your computer to join it will look like this! You can also take part by dialing in via phone.

Dear Ones, Blessings of peace, courage and health to you this day. Nine of us gathered (we think Mary Gordon was with us via telephone but we’re not sure) together for prayer, song, check-in and identifying needs. It was so good to laugh together! Thrilling to see and hear one another in real time. Pure joy.

If you would like to join by telephone or computer but are unsure of how to use Zoom, please call me 802-591-1265 and we’ll practice together in preparation for our Fellowship Café. As requested, here are the prayers used (or might have been used!) this morning. (All copyright credit is included). With Soap & Love,

A great way to stay connected!


******* A Wee Worship Book from Wild Goose Worship Group; Fourth Incarnation, 1999; pp 13, 24, 28 Call to worship In the beginning before time, before people, before the world began, GOD WAS. Here and now among us, beside us, enlisting the people of earth for the purposes of heaven, GOD IS. In the future, when we have turned to dust and all we know has found its fulfillment, GOD WILL BE. Not denying the world, but delighting in it, not condemning the world, but redeeming it, through Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, GOD WAS. GOD IS. GOD WILL BE. Prayers of the People Let us prepare ourselves for the day before us and claim its potential sent by God. Let us pray, We bring to God our concerns for today… We bring to God the people of today… We bring to God silently, someone who we find hard to forgive or trust… And let us pray for ourselves… Gracious and loving God, give us wisdom before we speak, understanding while we listen, sensitivity towards those we meet, and the perspective of your  kingdom [Household] in which we see things of the earth. Bring us to the day’s ending blessed through having shared the days’ beginning. In Christ’s name we ask this.

Closing prayer From where we are to where you need us. JESUS, NOW LEAD ON. From the security of what we know to the adventure of what you will reveal. JESUS, NOW LEAD ON. To refashion the fabric of this world until it resembles the shape of your [kin-dom]. JESUS, NOW LEAD ON. Because good things have been prepared for those who love God. JESUS, NOW LEAD ON. Blessing  (repeat by line) from the Iona Community Bless oh God the sky that is above us, the earth that is beneath us, the friends who are around us, Your image of love deep within us, Amen.    

Earth Gospel, A Guide to Prayer for God’s Creation, Sam Hamilton-Poore; Upper Room Books, Nashville,TN 2008; p. 81 The Rev. Sherry Osborn (she/her/hers) Interim Pastor St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Vergennes, VT cell: 802.591.1265 revsherryo@gmail.com https://www.saintpaulsvergennes.org